New release of Fastscapelib-Fortran, now with Windows conda packages!

Fastscapelib-Fortran 2.8.2 has been released two weeks ago.

This release fixes a few bugs, but most importantly, starting from that version there are now conda packages available natively for Windows on the conda-forge channel!

Note that this is for the Python bindings only. If you want to use it in Fortran programs you still need to download the source and manually compile your program (e.g., using CMake).

It has always been possible to compile Fastscapelib-Fortran on Windows, but now the installation will be much easier. It also means that the top-level fastscape package can be easily installed on Windows using conda:

$ conda install fastscape -c conda-forge

Everything seems to run fine, expect for Flexure, which produces an annoying segmentation fault. This will need further investigation.

Windows users, I’d appreciate your feedback very much!